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Sharing Our Legacy of Challenge and Growth

In March 1972, the ground was broken on an empty stretch of beach in Ulsan to construct what would become the world's largest shipyard. Hyundai then started building the two oil tankers and the shipyard simultaneously. Two years later, in 1974, Hyundai held a ceremony to simultaneously name the two tankers and dedicate the shipyard.

Capturing the imagination of the international maritime community, the event was a historic first step for KSOE.


  • Launched SD Business Unit for gas & green marine system solution


  • Split-up with HHI(newly created) and change the company's name to KSOE
  • HHI Green Energy Changed its name to Hyundai Energy Solutions


  • Reorganized Special & Naval Shipbuilding Division as an independent business division
  • Sailed away the last platform of Nasr oilfield development project in UAE
  • Won 43.9MW Yeosu biomass power plant boiler order
  • Delivered the 4,900 ton-class landing ship, Ilchulbong
  • Won an order for FEED and hull construction for two At-shore LNG facilities


  • Launched the last 214 class submarine, Shin Dol-seok
  • Completed Odoptu oil and gas production platform project
  • Spin-off Hyundai Electric, Hyundai Construction, and Hyundai Robotics
  • Opened Virtual Reality Safety Education Center
  • Produced the 5000th Propeller
  • Succeed in world's first Full Tandem method
  • Won one gold medal and two bronze medals at World Skill Competition 2017


  • Launched Hyundai Global Service
  • Green Energy Division launched into an independent company, HHI Green Energy
  • Obtained a final approval of the moving cavin ‘Sky Bench’
  • Delivered LNG Carrier with a gas restoring system for the world’s highest efficiency
  • Shipped the world’s highest level of distillation column - 121 meters high
  • Launched a newest submarine named by ‘Hong Boem-do Ham’
  • Produced the 10,000th "HiMSEN” engine
  • Produced the world’s first ‘HP SCR’


  • Selected as ‘World’s Best Ships’ for 32 years in a row
  • Completed the world’s first 10,000 ton capacity shear-leg floating crane
  • Completed the world’s largest Cylindrical FPSO
  • Surpassed the production milestone of 9,000 “HiMSEN” engines
  • Launched the 30-ton class ultra-size excavator
  • World’s first to deliver 2,000 vessels
  • Construction Equipment Division achieved production of 500,000 units
  • Achieved 150 million bhp in two-stroke engine production
  • Produced the world’s first ‘Tier-III’ eco-friendly engine


  • Built the world’s largest 19,000 TEU containership
  • Built a next generation “Offshore Accommodation Vessel”
  • Won $1.13 billion Clean Fuel Project (CFP) in Kuwait
  • Surpassed the production milestone of 8,000 “HiMSEN” engines
  • Designed the “KSLV-Ⅱ(Korea Space Launch Vehicle)” launcher
  • Eco-Ballast Water Treatment System approved as Alternate Management System (AMS) by USCG
  • Unveiled new FOLEX 9-series diesel forklifts
  • Produced high-efficiency PERL-type solar modules
  • Produced the 5,000th crankshaft
  • Completed 100 MW diesel power plant in Panama
  • Developed new hot-wire TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) robot welding process
  • Launched South Korea’s fifth submarine, ROKS Yun Bong-gil
  • Won the $1.94 billion order for offshore platforms from ADMA-OPCO, UAE
  • Developed Hi-CASS (Hyundai Intelligent Collision Avoidance Support System) for the first time in Korea
  • Appointed Choi Kil-seon as Chairman & CEO, Kwon Oh-gap as President & CEO
  • Recorded the highest sales of Hyundai excavators in UK
  • Developed “Medical Robot” with ASAN Medical Center
  • Delivered the world’s largest cylindrical FPSO to ENI
  • Selected as “Significant Ships” for 31 years in a row
  • Selected as “Korea’s Most Admired Companies in 2014” / First place in shipbuilding category
  • Recognized as an authorized testing lab of solar modules by UL


  • Set up photovoltaic power generators to establish a ‘Green Factory’
  • Won the $3.3 billion power plant project in Saudi Arabia
  • Developed a cargo containment system for membranetype LNG carriers
  • Completed construction of equipment factory in Brazil
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding for Mobile Powership


  • Recorded 100 million gross tonnage in ships
  • Developed FLNG model


  • Established Green Energy Division
  • Established Hyundai Energy & Resources
  • Completed a new 4,000 unit capacity industrial robot factory
  • Established Asan Nanum Foundation
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