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Marine System Solution

We provide total engineering service from design to delivery and commissioning of gas and green marine system

SD, System engineering & Digital solution for gas handling & de-carbonization system, provide optimum solution based on understanding of entire marine system with wide product range.

And also we provide cutting-edge solution to improve fuel efficiency and to reduce green house gas emissions.

SD focus on giving our customers the best solution by our seamless engineering service from system design to site service with extensive experience.

Main Products

Main Products - Table shows a list of products of Marine System Solution
Low carbon FGSS LNG FGSS, Methanol LFSS, LPG LFSS
Gas Handling System LPG CHS, Re-liquefaction (Hi-ERS), Re-gasification system(Hi-ReGas)
Energy Saving System Hi-ALS
  • FGSS : Fuel Gas Supply System
  • LFSS : Low-flashpoint Fuel Supply System
  • CHS : Cargo Handling System
  • ERSⓝ : Economical Re-liquefaction System N2
  • ReGas : Re-Gasification
  • ALS : Air Lubrication System
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