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Leading Technology-Driven Evolution, Committed to Continuous Development of Innovative Technologies

KSOE will further solidify its competitiveness as a global leading player, propelled primarily by R&D capabilities. To spearhead the group’s growth and development, KSOE’s R&D division continuously endeavors to expand infrastructure and to secure and foster talented personnel, concentrating on distinct research areas of focus that do not overlap with those of its subsidiaries to maximize R&D efficiency across the group.

  • Advanced Research Center(KSOE)

Advanced Research Center(KSOE)

Advanced Research Center(KSOE)
At KSOE’s Advanced Research Center, we are focused on developing innovative technologies that will drive future growth and elementary technologies common to all entities within the group. Our particular focus lies on securing innovative ship technologies of a new concept and future source technologies.
  • Fundamental Technology Research Institute : propulsion system packages and the next generation ships where new technologies are applied
  • Energy System Research Institute : LNG systems, high-efficiency propulsion systems and eco-friendly solutions
  • Digital Technology Research Institute : hybrid electric propulsion, auto-navigating system and digital twin technologies
  • Production Technology Research Institute : smart production systems and novel production technologies where new materials and new construction methods are applied
  • Corporate Technology Institute(HHI)

Corporate Technology Institute(HHI)

Corporate Technology Institute(HHI)
Corporate Technology Institute is building up differentiated competitiveness by providing basic solutions required throughout the entire value chain of sales, design, and test run.
  • Maritime Research Institute : new ship models and operational performance enhancement technologies
  • Engine Research Institute : greener engines, and next-generation propulsion engines
  • Offshore & Industrial Engineering Division : tailored technologies for offshore plants
  • Special & Naval Shipbuilding Division : naval ship-specific technologies such as reduced noise levels and enhanced viability
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