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Fulfilling corporate social responsibilities for sustainable growth

KSOE is creating its values through sustainable growth.
Based on systematic sustainable management policies, KSOE is creating shared values in every aspect of its economic, environmental and social practices. Under the Sustainable Management Policy, we plan and perform activities for each management initiative and continuously disclose our major achievements to every stakeholder.

Sustainable Management Policy

  • Transparent Disclosure

    Transparent disclosure of business activities and achievements through various communication channels dedicated to different stakeholders

  • Systematic Performance Management

    Activity evaluation and performance management by classifying business areas by the five management philosophies

  • Follow-Up Improvement

    Prioritization on critical tasks and making improvements following multidimensional performance analysis and evaluation

HD Hyundai Group ESG Website

HD Hyundai Group ESG

HD Hyundai will create a greener future that originated from the ocean.

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